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Analyx helps clients worldwide to understand their
consumers better via advanced analytics.

Product spotlight



CrowdWorx® is the first true Social Decision Support system.


At its core is a web-based tool that aggregates the knowledge & gut feel of your own colleagues and transforms it into highly accurate forecasts at lower cost...


LocationWorx helps our clients with strategic location management & controlling.


You are supported in selecting optimal new locations, fairly benchmarking existing outlets based on their true potential and avoiding cannibalization...


SlideWorx is a very fast and fully customized slide generation engine.


It allows you to automatically generate complex number-driven PowerPoint presentations from multiple data sources in a matter of seconds...

Solution spotlight



Our Virtual Test Markets are a unique way to predict consumer reactions to new products, prices and marketing strategies risk-free.


Whole populations of consumers form large-scale computer simulations of real-world markets incl. mouth-to-mouth marketing...


Applying our ChurnPrevent solution, our clients are able to significantly improve retention performance.


We support you in identifying potential churners early on and introduce proven churn prevention measures in your service centers...


With the help of our solution TicketWorx, our clients can improve its own & outsourced customer service quality.


TicketWorx is a Business Intelligence solution which supports you in monitoring & analyzing trouble ticket data from outsourced and internal service units...

Impact spotlight


5-10%increase in sales productivity for one of Germany's leading food and non-food chains applying our solution LocationWorx.

91%accuracy in predicting the productivity of new outlets for a leading German apparel retailer using LocationWorx.


Increase in service quality

at one of Europe's leading cable operators applying our TicketWorx solution.

Increase of correctly identified churners by

factor 8compared to a random selection at one of Europe's leading cable operators using ChurnPrevent.

An increase in call completion rate by

30 ppat one of Europe's largest cable operators using our early churn prevention solution.

15 ppincrease in demand forecasting accuracy at a leading global FMCG company using CrowdWorx.

90%cost reduction for new product evaluation at one of Europe's leading specialist retailers using CrowdWorx.

Up to98%forecasting accuracy in evaluating market trends at a global agri-business company using CrowdWorx.

highly valid resultscompared to traditional market research for the early assessment of new product potential at one of Europe's largest telecommunication companies using CrowdWorx.